Ah, to have the roads of Colorado and dozens of sports and supercars at your disposal.

That's what Forza Horizon on the Xbox 360 offers you, and developer Turn 10 Studios' tradition of frequent game updates continues unabated too.

The latest update is called the Forza Horizon 1000 Club Expansion, and offers gamers 1,000 new challenges in the game, absolutely free.

That's five new challenges for every car in the game. Select a car, and you'll see each of the new challenges you can complete while driving it--everything from drifting or jumping, to speed zone challenges, and many more. Some also get location-based tasks and others a twist on the Horizon Festival events.

There's no specific limit or requirement to do the challenges--you can simply complete them as you see fit. It all fits in well with Horizon's open-world nature, with hundreds of miles of road through different terrain available in both offline and online play.

Better still, two new cars are available with the latest pack.

The first is a true performance classic, a 1995 RUF CTR2. Based on the 993-generation Porsche 911, the CTR2 features a 520-horsepower twin-turbocharged flat-six engine and a top speed of over 215 mph.

Forza Horizon 1000 Club Expansion, 1995 RUF CTR2

Forza Horizon 1000 Club Expansion, 1995 RUF CTR2

That's sure to make it one of the quicker cars in the game, though it's sure to share the tricky handling characteristics of those older Porsches too.

The second car is a classic 1956 Ford F100 pickup, enhacing the game's already-impressive variety. Its 167 horsepower V-8 might not sound much by today's standards, but Horizon's myriad tuning options should release a few more ponies...

The 1000 Club Expansion, which also includes 10 new Xbox Live achievements to collect, is available now.