When you’re paying upwards of half a million dollars for a car, you’d hope it wouldn’t be involved in a recall.

Unfortunately for owners of certain Rolls-Royce Phantom models, the ultra-luxury cars are involved in the latest NHTSA recall.

The recall affects 2013 Rolls-Royce Phantom models built from November 2, 2012, through January 18, 2013, which means there are some 27 cars affected by the recall in the U.S.

According to the automaker, the fuel filler necks on the affected cars may be missing their anti-misfueling device.

When you’re filling up the car’s gas tank, this device prevents you from overfilling the tank and causing a spill. More importantly, it also discharges any static electricity when filling up.

With the device missing, there is an increased risk of a fire starting from static electricity.

Rolls-Royce is currently in the process of contacting owners of the affected cars. They will be requested to visit their nearest Rolls-Royce dealership, which will inspect the gas tank and replace any affected fuel filler necks, free of charge.

For further information you can contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration at 1-888-327-4236 (reference recall campaign number 13V047000) or Rolls-Royce at 1-877-877-3735.