A couple of weeks ago Pagani released a mysterious teaser video filled with clues about the supercar manufacturer’s latest project.

This quickly got the rumor mill churning, with some suggesting Pagani was about to debut a convertible version of its latest Huayra supercar.

Even we suggested we could be about to see a new Huayra special edition.

However, it turns out Pagani was simply teasing its new partnership with high-end audio firm Sonus faber.

Like Pagani, Sonus faber hails from Italy and is the result of one man’s passion for excellence in his chosen field, in this case, audio systems. Also like Pagani, Sonus faber was founded and still run by its chief designer, and as you may have guessed, its products not only perform brilliantly but they look great as well.

Sonus faber’s design influence extends far beyond the borders of the high end. The company's name is in fact derived from Latin and means "handcrafted sound," a perfectly apt description of the products, and not unlike what you’d also expect from Pagani.

Thus, it’s only natural that Pagani would select Sonus faber to develop audio systems for its supercars.

Unfortunately, there are no details of what the new partnership will entail, though we should know soon as Pagani typically presents something new at the Geneva Motor Show each year, and this year’s show is only a couple of weeks away.

Stay tuned for an update.