Supercar manufacturer Pagani has released a new teaser video that asks viewers to put together the clues presented in the short clip and decipher what the company is planning.

The clip starts off showing the beautiful landscape surrounding Pagani’s factory in the Emilia-Romagna region of Northern Italy, and then reveals some shadowy images of the company’s new Huayra supercar and a sole figure working on some materials, presumably, to be installed on the car.

There have been suggestions that Pagani is about to open its new factory, which will allow the company to meet expected demand for the Huayra once the car starts sales in the U.S. in the middle of the year.

We’ve also heard that Pagani could be teasing the first special-edition Huayra or even the expected convertible version.

Considering the materials shown in the clip, it’s likely we’re about to see a new special-edition Huayra or possibly even a new personalization department opened up at Pagani’s current factory. Similar to the services offered by virtually all luxury automakers, including close rivals Ferrari and Lamborghini, Pagani may be about to launch a dedicated department whose staff focus on developing cars to the exacting desires of the customer.

When will we know for sure? Pagani hasn’t said, though the company typically presents something new at the Geneva Motor Show each year. Last year Pagani showed off the first bare-carbon Huayra in Geneva, and the year before that it first revealed the car.

This year’s Geneva Motor Show commences on March 5. You can follow our ongoing coverage of the event by visiting our dedicated show page.