Want to learn more about the new Mercedes-Benz E Class models, but find yourself pressed for time? There’s no need to wade through an eighteen-page press release (written in German, translated into English) when we recapped all the relevant information for you last week.

That’s still quite a bit of reading, so Mercedes-Benz has produced a four-minute video showing the main highlights of the 2014 E Class sedan and wagon, and there’s ample footage of the car in motion, too. If you needed further convincing that the new E Class looks better than the model it replaces, this should do it for you.

We think Mercedes-Benz is onto something here, since it’s a lot easier to demonstrate features like Distronic Plus adaptive cruise control with Steering Assist (which maintains a safe distance to the car in front, while keeping you centered in the lane) and Pre-Safe Braking with pedestrian detection using visual aides.

We’re not overly fond of the harsh, jarring German techno music used in the video, which gives us an overwhelming urge to dress in black and buy a pet monkey. That gripe aside, looking a bit deeper into the new E Class’ features gives us a glimpse of your motoring future.

While Mercedes-Benz shies away from calling the new E Class “semi-autonomous,” the combination of adaptive cruise control and automatic lane positioning is a necessary first step in that direction. We’re not surprised that Mercedes has decided to implement the technology on its mainstream E Class, and we can’t wait to see what the automaker has in store for the next S Class.