BMW debuted its all-electric i3 Concept Coupe at last month’s Los Angeles Auto Show, to generally positive reviews. The coupe represents the latest design iteration of BMW’s i3 electric hatchback, which is scheduled to hit the market sometime next year.

The i3 Concept Coupe takes a slightly bolder approach to style, both inside and out. The beltline dips at the rear windows, giving rear-seat occupants greater visibility and a more spacious, open feeling.

That’s mirrored by the “lounge style” seating, which makes it easier for rear-seat passengers to interact with others in the car. We’d question its comfort for long distances, but the 13 Concept Coupe isn’t meant for cross-country touring.

In fact, it’s range is limited to 160 kilometers (99.2 miles), and we suspect that’s under ideal conditions, not flat-out on the freeway. BMW does what it can to curb range anxiety, displaying nearby charging station on the nav system and giving drivers Eco Pro and Eco Pro + modes to maximize range.

Sustainability is key to the i3’s design, and BMW emphasizes the use of renewable materials like wood, fabric and naturally-tanned leather. BMW has also announced a partnership with Boeing to develop methods of recycling carbon fiber, which is used extensively in the i3 Concept Coupe’s production.

BMW says the car will be launched at the end of 2013, likely as a second model in the i3 lineup. Will it succeed in attracting luxury buyers to an all-electric platform? For many different reasons, BMW hopes the answer to that question is yes.