Are you struggling to come up with holiday gift ideas for the gear head in your life? We’ll make things simple: head on over to the Costco website and order up item number 675375, the warehouse store’s “Ultimate Garage Package.”

Since there’s both good news and bad associated with it, we’ll give you the bad news first: some assembly of the contents will be required, so it’s not for the mechanically inept. Oh, and there’s the fact that it costs $89,999.99, so you’d best have some room left on your credit card.

Now for the good news: we can absolutely guarantee your giftee’s eyes will light up like a ten-year-old’s, given his first go-kart. There will be joy beneath the Christmas tree (or during Hanukkah) when this gift is opened, assuming that the recipient has a barren garage to work with. It’s really not a good gift for condo or apartment dwellers.

What do you get for your money? Quite a bit, actually, and we’d steer you over to Costco’s website for a complete list of contents. In abbreviated form, the package includes a six-piece cabinet set, 456 square-feet of flooring, a safe, a wall rack system, a 41-inch stainless steel toolbox, an engine crane, jack stands and a low-lift-height floor jack.

The last items will come in handy when you work on the package’s real prize: a Kirkham Motorsports 427 KMS/SC roller. The “some assembly required” bit? The Shelby Cobra replica comes without an engine or transmission, which the lucky recipient will need to source on his or her own.

Don’t think this is just another fiberglass Cobra replica, either. Kirkham gets its aluminum bodies from Poland, where technicians who used to assemble MiG fighters lovingly hand-craft each panel. Completing the car will take some wrenching, but for some of us, that may be the very best part.

Your $89,999.99 price includes shipping and handling, but not applicable taxes. It also doesn’t include taxes and registration on the car once it’s complete, but that seems like a minor detail to us. We’re not sure how many of these packages Costco has stocked for the holidays, so our advice to you is to get shopping early.