When it comes to rare cars, few are harder to come by than the McLaren F1 supercar. The F1 is one the best performance cars on the planet, even two decades after its launch, and finding one up for sale is next to impossible.

That’s because only 106 examples were ever created during the car’s five-year production run, and of those only 72 were built for the road. The rest were all race cars.

If you’re wondering how much a McLaren F1 would sell for in today’s market, a price of around 3.5 million pounds (approximately $5.58 million) is a good starting point. That’s the price that famous British supercar dealer Tom Hartley recently sold one at.

The car was a pristine silver example owned by the son of Tom Hartley’s founder, reports The Sun (via TopSpeed). It featured a 6.1-liter V-12 engine rated at 627 horsepower, and could accelerate from 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

Buying a McLaren F1 means you enter a very exclusive club, which includes the likes of Jay Leno and Rowan Atkinson. A successor, the McLaren P1, is due out next year.

Other cars up for sale on the Tom Hartley website at the time of writing include Ferrari F40 with just 3,865 miles on the clock as well as a 2007 Porsche Carrera GT with only 600 miles. The latter seems like a bargain at just 335,000 pounds ($533,911).


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