While we like the basic shape of Honda’s CR-Z “sports hybrid,” its performance never managed to captivate us. Even with the six-speed manual, it’s too sluggish to be amusing, as the car struggles to break the 10-second barrier for the 0-60 mph run. In Eco mode, with the A/C on, we’d even call it “terrifyingly slow.”

More power would improve the car immensely, which is why we were so enthused to see Honda showing a supercharged CR-Z at this year’s SEMA show. Then we remembered that Honda showed a supercharged CR-Z powertrain at last year’s SEMA show, and nothing ever came of it.

Sadly, we expect that’s the case with this year’s force-fed CR-Z, too, especially since Honda isn’t releasing any output or performance numbers. The car looks good, and also benefits from a sport exhaust, sport-tuned suspension, bigger brakes and stickier tires. Without driving it, though, it’s impossible to say if it lives up to the CRX Si’s legacy.

Honda also debuted its Honda Factory Performance (HFP) kit for the 2013 Accord Coupe at SEMA. Set to go on sale next spring, the kit includes 19-inch HFP wheels, a decklid spoiler, an HFP suspension, an aerodynamic body kit, red interior lighting, HFP floor mats and HFP badging. Before installation, the limited-edition kit will run $4,650.

If four doors are more your style, Honda also opted to show off its X-Package for the Accord sedan. Currently available at Honda dealers for $2,171 (excluding installation), the kit comes with front, rear and side spoilers, a sport grille and a rear-wing spoiler. None of that will actually make your Accord faster, but it will make it stand out in the parking lot.