While drooling over brochures of the Matech GT1 Ford GT, Ray Hofman, owner of RH Motorsports, had an idea: build a version of the Ford GT that looked like a race car, yet remained street legal and (relatively) comfortable to drive. If such a car appealed to him, Hofman thought, it would likely appeal to others as well.

We’d say he’s on to something, as we be happy to park either of the latest creations from RH Motorsports in our garage. The press release, found on Ford GT Forum (via World Car Fans) explains that the company will build two versions of the car.

The more radically-styled GT1 will be a turnkey car, limited to just 20 units built. RH Motorsports will work with The GT Guy LLC to produce the cars, and each will wear  carbon fiber bodywork. Customers can specify everything from engine output to interior trim, meaning that no two GT1s will be alike.

Speaking of output, the mildest GT1 will sport a naturally-aspirated 5.4-liter V-8, good for 600 horsepower. The standard configuration is a supercharged 5.4-liter V-8, rated at 760 horsepower, but those wanting more can check the box next to the 1,000 horsepower, twin-turbo option.

Owners of existing Ford GTs can opt for the more subtle GT3 conversion. As with the GT1, owners dictate how much power they want to make, as well as how many other upgrades fit into their budgets.

If the RH Motorsports / The GT Guy cars look a lot like the original Matech racers, there’s good reason: RH Motorsports purchased the 2009 GT1 prototype, designs and molds from Matech. In other words, you’re not just buying a body kit, but instead are getting a scientifically-developed and race-tested shape.

Both the GT1 and GT3 cars were introduced at the annual Ford GT rally, and pricing for both versions will be released soon.