Since its debut at the Paris Auto Show two years ago, we've heard steady but thready rumors that the Audi Quattro Concept would go to production, if in a somewhat revised yet still very enticing form. Now, a report from the U.K.'s CAR magazine indicates it's dead in the water.

Why? Because sporty coupes and other small cars just don't have the volume appeal that crossovers and utilities do. As CAR points out, the SQ5 and RS Q3 Concept are perhaps better indicators of the product climate within Audi. Or perhaps even the Crosslane concept from last week's Paris auto show.

That, for us, is a shame, if it proves true. For the greater market, however, it probably makes perfect sense. It's just sad that "sense" and "awesome" so rarely coincide in a business case.

Despite the move away from the blisteringly quick, 408-horsepower, 2.5-liter turbocharged all-wheel-drive, 2,866-pound coupe that was the Quattro Concept, the name may remain, hung on the crossover coupe that will take its place.

Heresy! you say? We agree. But it will probably sell in droves, and, ultimately, we can't really argue with an Audi take on the Range Rover Evoque mold. It will probably be an excellent vehicle. But it won't be the Quattro, even if it is a Quattro.