So you've been looking at a 2013 Range Rover Evoque five-door, but you're also trying to keep your budget as trim as possible? Enter the Evoque Pure, a new entry-level model for the Evoque range this year, starting at $41,995.

If you're after the Evoque Coupe, you're still working with the $44,995 Pure Plus as the base model, but five-door fans can now shave $2,000 off the entry price to the Evoque range.

So what do you give up to keep that $2,000 in your pocket? The Evoque Pure does away with the panoramic glass roof, replacing it with a solid aluminum roof, and you'll trade some of the all-leather interior in other models for Dinamica sythetic suede--though some real leather is still used in the Pure.

Other than that, it's the Evoque as you've known it.

That's not all that's new for the 2013 Evoque, however. Range Rover Park Assist is now available, requiring just 1.2 times the length of the vehicle to perform an automated parallel park. Off-Road Navigation 3 is also added, helping find your way in unmapped areas by providing topographic contour lines, altitude, trace lines, waypoints, and compass functions as well as longitude and latitude.