Just in case you’ve never seen an F1 race in person or on television, we’ll warn you in advance: the unmuffled engines of Formula One cars are loud. They’re also extremely high-strung, which is why teams go through as many engines as FIA rules allow in the course of a single season.

Formula One engines, however, represent the pinnacle of internal combustion engine design, producing more horsepower per liter and revving higher than any other engines we can think of. That’s one reason why we never pass up a chance to hear one in action.

Details about the car shown in this video are lacking, but we’d call it a 1990 Benetton B 190, powered by a 3.5-liter Ford Cosworth V-8. As Wikipedia explains, Benetton was the “factory” team for Ford in 1989 and 1990, which meant that no other team ran this particular engine until the 1991 season.

In race trim, the normally aspirated Ford HBA4 engine would have made around 660 horsepower at 12,800 rpm, a number unimaginable to those of us who drive production cars with redlines of 7,000 rpm or so. Hearing one run, even while parked at a car show, is a rare treat indeed.