The Ariel Atom is nothing new, but we don't really care. It's a tube-framed bit of awesome street-legal track-day kit, and in the hands of DDMWorks, it becomes something like your own personal F1 car--without all those micro-managing engineers, team principals, and FIA officials breathing down your neck.

You'll still be likely to draw your own fan base, however, as this DDMWorks Ariel Atom cranks out 700 horsepower through a combination of supercharging and turbocharging. The engine is an Ecotec 2.0-liter, stuffed with Wiseco pistons, beefier connecting rods, and ARP hardware. A custom M62 supercharger and a Garrett GTX 3076 turbocharger handle the forced induction, with a huge rear-mount air-to-air intercooler to keep charge temps low. Max boost: 35 psi. A secondary boost controller turns the supercharger off once the turbo has exceeded the screw-driven induction's capabilities. It's all controlled by a custom tune, and horsepower is verified on a dyno before delivery to the customer.

All of that should qualify the car for the Automotive Excellence Hall Of Win, but DDMWorks didn't stop there.

Adding Toyo R888 tires (grippy, but not our favorites), on 16-by-7-inch wheels up front and 17-by-9-inch wheels out back, plus a power-selection setup that lets the driver choose from 450, 575, or the full 700 horsepower, the car is not only incredibly fast and capable, it's (at least theoretically) controllable--something you can approach with caution and work up to. It's almost like three cars in one, carrying you from advanced intermediate to expert.

Photos via DDMWorks, by jpmcgphotography.