MG's Icon crossover concept.

MG's Icon crossover concept.

The Nissan Murano Cross Cabriolet, in the eyes of critics, is the answer to a question that absolutely no one is asking. The topless crossover is plagued by funky looks and a more-than-slightly-ambitious sticker price, which begs the question, “could a more attractive and reasonably priced convertible crossover be a hit?”

If Auto Express is correct, we may soon find out. Word is that MG is looking at a roadster version of its Icon crossover concept, shown at this year’s Beijing Auto Show.  That doesn’t mean that the hard top version is off the table, and instead MG is said to be working on both variants concurrently.

The MG Icon hard top will be positioned to take on sporty compact crossovers like the Nissan Juke. While initial reports had it aimed squarely at the Chinese market, it now appears that the Icon will be marketed in Europe and Great Britain, too, where prices are expected to begin at around 14,000 pounds ($21,945).

While MG may view an Icon-based Roadster as a modern-day MGB, we’re having a hard time seeing that ourselves. We’re not averse to the idea of convertible crossovers, but we can’t imagine one that would deliver satisfactory performance and handling, too.

If predictions are correct, we’ll know soon enough: word is that MG’s Icon and Roadster will hit the market in 2015.