It was close to two years ago that Lotus, led by recently-ousted CEO Dany Bahar, announced its overly ambitious turnaround plan at the 2010 Paris Auto Show by presenting a total of six concepts--all of which looked kind of the same yet were all confirmed for production.

This was during a time when Lotus was building just a few thousand cars per year and was unlikely to have had the means of funding such a grandiose plan.

Today, Lotus is perhaps in an even worse position to fulfill its promise of launching so many models.

With its parent company Proton recently being taken over by profit-targeting DRB-Hicom, sales down to just hundreds of cars, and still no CEO in place, Lotus reportedly won’t be returning to the Paris Auto Show this year, let alone launching a handful of new models anytime soon.

Lotus being a no-show at the Paris event, which takes place this September, was first reported by Car and Driver, and since confirmed by the event’s organizers.  

The latest news is not entirely bad and could be a sign that Lotus is focused on conserving cash and once again building some of the best sports cars on the planet. Hopefully we’ll know more about Lotus’ future plans soon.