Nissan is taking a leaf out of Lamborghini’s book and looking to the aviation industry for inspiration for the development of its future range of sports cars.

A team of designers and product planners from Nissan recently landed in Pensacola, Fl, to visit the U.S. Navy’s Blue Angels flight demonstration squadron and their training facility.

The objective of their mission was simple: observe the Blue Angels in action and the command's speed and power for use in future sports car development.

In particular, the Nissan team was able to ask some of the pilots from the Blue Angels about how they interact with their gauges and instruments in different situations to gather insight for the development of future vehicles. The Blue Angels pilots and ground crew also gave the Nissan team feedback on some of their cars, with the latest 2013 Nissan GT-R understandably getting the most attention.

According to Nissan, it certainly was beneficial to study the designs of the Blue Angels’ F-18s up close and to get an understanding of how pilots and service personnel interact with the fighter jets. Hopefully the results of the study will translate into more focused cockpit design for Nissan’s cars and a much more aggressive look for their exteriors.