Earl Duque picks up his new 2012 BMW 3-Series

Earl Duque picks up his new 2012 BMW 3-Series

BMW recently ran a competition in North America asking fans to create a video that explains how much they "desire" the new 2012 3-Series, but make it last no longer than 5.9 seconds, about the time it takes the car to go from 0-60 mph.

From the more than 2,000 entries that were submitted, a final winner has been picked, with the panel of judges including gold medal winning Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin, baseball player Mark Teixeira, and filmmaker Kurt Miller.

The winning video, Test Drive Nostalgia, was created by Earl Duque of Los Angeles, CA.

The short clip features him and a friend sitting behind the wheel of a car, wistfully daydreaming about the sensation of test driving a BMW 3-Series. Utilizing green screen technology, Duque manages to integrate this scene into a pre-existing BMW 3-Series spot, resulting in the video above.

It certainly takes a lot of effort to put together a story and express one's self in less than 6 seconds, and the fact that the clip is rather humorous as well makes it all the more impressive. Other entries can still be seen on BMW’s Facebook page.

Below is a second video that showcases the extent to which Duque and his friend went to in making the clip.