While plenty of pictures of the Mercedes-Benz Concept Style Coupe have been released, this video is the first we’ve seen of Daimler design head Gorden Wagener giving his thoughts on the car’s lines.

The Concept Style Coupe (which will likely hit the market wearing the Mercedes-Benz CLA Name) takes its inspiration from the Mercedes-Benz CLS four-door coupe, but is scaled down to fit on the compact MFA platform.

Like the CLS, the Concept Style Coupe has a shorted greenhouse and a high beltline, both of which will probably see production as is. We’re not sure if the front lighting, designed to reflect a human eye (complete with iris, glowing red pupil and illuminated eyebrow) will make it to market without substantial changes, though.

We’re fans of the chiseled front end, which is a bolder design than we’ve seen from Mercedes-Benz in recent years. We like the innovation in the moving-flap turn signals, too, although that’s another element we can’t see hitting production.

Originally set to to debut at China’s Beijing Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz opted to reveal the “progressive and avant-gardistic” concept at an “Avant/Garde Diaries” event held at the Transmission LA: AV Club the week before the Beijing Show.

Why? It’s simple, really: Mercedes wants to pitch the new four-door coupe to a younger demographic than it sells E Class and M Class vehicles to. Look for more focus on the millennial market with the upcoming A Class, B Class and GLA crossover, too.