Imagine this: you walk into a BMW dealership to test drive a 1-Series M, and your sales adviser sits you down to go over the fast line around its racetrack. Before handing you the keys, he tells you, “Try not to stack the car, but if you do we have an endless supply.”

If that sounds like the stuff of dreams, it probably is. No BMW dealer that we can think of has 1-Series M coupes left in inventory, and any that do probably won’t allow a test drive. No dealership would green-light a test drive on a race track, especially with a car from its inventory.

Enter Auto Club Revolution, a new online racing game for the PC from Eutechnyx. Developed in cooperation with BMW, the game has accurately modeled versions of the 1 Series M, the 135i, the M3 Coupe, the M5 and the Z4 M Coupe for players to drive as hard as they’d like.

BMW is also the studio’s exclusive launch partner, so Eutechnyx has created the “BMW Experience” just for fans of the roundel. By logging onto the BMW Auto Club Revolution portal, players are given access to a virtual BMW 1-Series M coupe and a specially designed race track. Complete the challenge, and the 1-Series M coupe is yours to keep in the game.

As you may have guessed, buying other cars or upgrading existing models costs virtual money, which in turn costs real money. It’s free to sign up for the game, and complete details can be found on the Auto Club Revolution website.