For many, electric cars seem rather simple: just stick a battery and an electric motor in place of the regular oily bits. While it's far more complex than that, there are other concerns beyond the powertrain itself. Things like sound--or a lack of it--both for occupants and bystanders.

To deal with that issue, Audi has been on a three-year development path to create a sound that suits its e-tron electric cars. Again, it might sound simple, but it's anything but, as the company shows in this video.

Having to build hardware and software from scratch, create sounds unique to electric cars, but which still sound like cars, and then implementing them in a seamless manner, Audi's e-sound project is actually rather ambitious. It also sounds pretty amazing to our ears--and it's definitely something new to the electric car game.

What do you think of the sound? Should EVs be silent, despite the dangers that poses for pedestrians? Let us know your take in the comments below.