Though Powermat had plans last year to deliver in-car wireless charging to GM, first through the Volt, and later other brands, the cars didn't materialize. Until now.

The 2013 Dodge Dart is now the first car in the industry to offer built-in in-vehicle wireless charging. It's available as a $199.99 option (plus installation fees) from Mopar. So what do you get for your two (or three) Benjamins?

The Dart's wireless charging area is a bin measuring 8.27-inches by 9.5-inches by 3.25-inches, located at the front center of the lower console area. The charging grid is activated by placing at compatible device into the bin. A required phone case that enables the charging is included. Chrysler says the cases are compatible with "a variety of smartphones," but neglects to mention which ones specifically--though we're sure the iPhone 4 is among them.

It's also not clear if this Mopar/Dodge charging implementation is one of their own or the OEM Powermat solution finally brought to market. We're looking for more details and will update you when we learn more.

While in-car wireless charging of your pocketable gadgetry is a neat feature--and will hopefully reduce the cases of realizing you left your charging cord in the car as you board an airplane--it's just a handier way to charge gadgets. When the car is the gadget, and you still want wireless charging, you'll have to look to Nissan's Leaf. If the system ever moves beyond development, of course.