Imagine being able to charge multiple portable devices, from MP3 players to USB sticks to smartphones and Bluetooth kits, in your car without having to deal with pesky cables. We all know every brand of portable device loves to you use its own proprietary charging cable but a new solution from Powermat may put an end to that hassle.

Powermat is a pioneer in wireless charging technology and has announced today that it has received backing from GM Ventures, auto giant GM’s venture capital subsidiary. GM Ventures will invest $5 million in Powermat to help develop wireless charging pads for GM cars, starting with the Chevrolet Volt. It’s hoped that the technology will be available in most GM models by the start of 2012.

Essentially, the cars will feature a small pad or shelf where you simply place your portable device and charge it automatically while you commute to work, run errands or as you’re driving on a family vacation.

You may already recognize the Powermat name as the company currently offers a range of wireless charging products for the home in a number of retail stores.

The biggest foreseeable advantage of the technology is that every passenger will be able to charge up their portable device whilst on the road, even if they’re sitting in a friend’s or colleague’s car.

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