• BMW laser headlight technology

    We'll likely look back on 2011 as the year that the app truly entered our automobiles, becoming integrated with our Bluetooth-connected smartphones and, in some cases, fully integrated with vehicle infotainment systems.

  • Powermat
    Powermat Car Charger Rolls Out To Other Cars (Not Just GM Models)

    Last month, we told you that GM cars would soon feature built-in charging devices from Powermat and that the Chevy Volt was first in line for the goods. Now, Powermat has announced that it'll soon offer a version of its wireless charger for cell phones and other mobile devices that will fit any...

  • Powermat wireless charge pad in Chevrolet Volt
    Powermat Portable Device Wireless Charging Pads Coming To GM Cars

    Imagine being able to charge multiple portable devices, from MP3 players to USB sticks to smartphones and Bluetooth kits, in your car without having to deal with pesky cables. We all know every brand of portable device loves to you use its own proprietary charging cable but a new solution from...

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