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  • IntelliLink wireless vehicle connectivity

    GM is introducing a new connectivity feature dubbed IntelliLink in its Buick and GMC line of cars for 2012, which is essentially designed to connect to a driver’s smartphone or other portable device and then control it using the vehicle’s touchscreen display or in some cases through voice activation or steering wheel mounted buttons. For Buick, IntelliLink is debuting in the 2012 model year Verano, Regal and LaCrosse while for GMC it will feature initially in the Terrain. The system connects to the portable device using either Bluetooth or USB, so not only smartphone users will...

  •  Garmin portable navigation kit now offered on all Volvos
    Entire Volvo Range Now Offered With Portable Garmin GPS Navigation

    Automakers have been working closely with electronic component suppliers over the past couple of years in order to develop a new generation of low cost navigation and infotainment systems designed for both vehicle and personal use. Harman International previously confirmed plans to supply a...

  • Powermat wireless charge pad in Chevrolet Volt
    Powermat Portable Device Wireless Charging Pads Coming To GM Cars

    Imagine being able to charge multiple portable devices, from MP3 players to USB sticks to smartphones and Bluetooth kits, in your car without having to deal with pesky cables. We all know every brand of portable device loves to you use its own proprietary charging cable but a new solution from...

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