If you had 48 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Brazil cars gathered at Portugal's Estoril Circuit, what would you do with them? You could clearly hold a race, but that’s not going to fill a whole weekend. Since you have the cars on hand anyway, why not be creative?

Creativity was behind this publicity stunt for Porsche, as the company used 48 GT3 Cup Challenge cars to spell out the word “Porsche” on Estoril’s main straight. The cars were at Estoril for the opening race in the 2012 Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge Brazil Series, which is the (primarily) South American equivalent to Europe’s Porsche GT3 Cup series.

If you count the 10-foot by seven-foot Brazilian flag as part of the display, the still-life-in GT3-Cup-Challenge cars took some 475 feet to arrange. As Autoweek explains, the project took over 23 hours to stage and shoot, even more if you factor in the planning.

Someone had to sit down at a computer and plot out how to form the letters with Porsche race cars in the allotted space, and that must have taken a few cans of Red Bull to pull off. It makes for a visually interesting video, though, and we’re pretty much suckers for anything with Porsche GT3 Cup or Cup Challenge cars in it.

We hate to nit pick, but did anyone else notice that the cars are lined up upside down in relation to the “Estoril” sign on the grandstand? We always thought the Germans were better at planning than this.