Every spring, Jeep fans gather at an event called the Moab Easter Jeep Safari, held in the canyons of Moab, Utah. While Jeep loyalists bring rigs of all shapes, sizes and capabilities, Jeep and Mopar team up to produce some fairly wild concepts.

Last year, Jeep brought six concepts to Moab, including the go-absolutely-anywhere Blue Crush, the nimble Pork Chop and a fan-favorite, the Wrangler-based JK-8 Independence pickup. While most Moab creations don’t see production, many of the parts used to build them find their way into the Mopar  accessory catalog.

You can’t buy a Wrangler pickup at your local Jeep dealer, but it will sell you everything you need to build one from an existing Wrangler Unlimited. The conversion is a bit ambitious for the shade tree mechanic, but your local Jeep dealer’s body shop will be happy to handle the conversion, for a price.

This year, Jeep has teased rigs for the 2012 Moab Easter Jeep Safari with three cartoon renderings. It’s not releasing much information yet, but we do know that it will show the Wrangler-based Apache, the J-12 that looks suspiciously like an old Jeep Renegade pickup, and the Mighty FC that updates the looks of the old Forward Control models.

Two of the three models shown so far are Jeep-based pickups, so clearly Jeep is listening to the feedback of its fans and customers. Look for more details (and hopefully more images) of this year’s concepts in the coming weeks.