No stranger to the automotive apps game, BMW today made its latest app available for iOS devices, including the iPhone: the BMW Remote Mobile App, which lets BMW owners access features of their cars remotely through BMW Assist.

So what can the app do? It can report a car's position (if the ignition is off), send directions and information on restaurants or other businesses straight to the car, lock or unlock the doors, sound the horn, and flash the headlights.

While we can't envision a regular use for some of these features, the ability to look up a place on your phone, send it to your car, then find your car in a crowded parking lot in a strange city, then navigate back to the hotel, again sending the directions from your phone--well, that sounds pretty great. Frequent travelers will especially appreciate the new app.

Some of these functions depend on which model of BMW you own, however. The remote lock/unlock, Google Local search, and vehicle position features are available with the 1-Series, 3-Series, 5-Series, or 6-Series produced in or after March 2008; X5s and X6s built April 2008 or later; and Z4 Roadsters of 2009 or later model years. Remote horn and headlight flashing are available in 7-Series models from 2009-onward; 5-Series GT models from 2010-onward; other 5-Series models from 2011-onward; X3 models from 2011-onward; and 3-Series and 6-Series models from 2012-onward.

The new Remote Mobile App adds to the in-car apps functionality found in the BMW Apps system and other mobile apps from the company.

You can find the app in the Apple App Store, naturally.