With the sporty and stylish Elantra Coupe on the stage, you might be wondering if the more practical 2013 Hyundai Elantra GT is getting any attention. If you're a hatch-head, after all, it's the one you're interested in.

Though the Elantra's styling themes, introduced with the sedan, translate well to the hatch, some might find the Elantra GT a touch more plain-looking. We can't put our finger on why--the same core design features are present, plus a more dramatic front-end treatment--but the hatch doesn't look quite as sharp as the two- and four-door versions to our eyes.

That's not to say the GT isn't a good-looking car, however. Add in the Elantra's good gas mileage, affordable pricing, and the utility of a hatchback, and it might be the best pick of the lot in terms of daily-driver satisfaction. But will practicality win out in a populace not necessarily in love with hatches in the first place given its slightly sleepier look?

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