The problem with automotive museums is that you generally have to go somewhere (usually far away) to visit one. Worse, they’re only open limited hours, and most want you to pay every single time you visit.

In a perfect world, we’d be able to access images, data, videos and sound clips of historic automobiles at our fingertips, from a tablet or a laptop. The world may not be perfect, but thanks to app developer Pyrolia, it is now a better place for those of us with 10w-30 in our veins.

Road, Inc, Pyrolia’s latest app (discovered by Antony Ingram on All Car Tech), puts a virtual car museum at your fingertips. At a selling price of $9.99, it isn’t inexpensive, but it includes a remarkable amount of content, including interactive 3D representations of 50 different automobiles, soundtracks, fact sheets, period advertisement, factory schematics, video clips and more.

There are some downsides. First, you don’t get all the content for all the cars, so even after spending the price of admission you may be disappointed to learn the app doesn’t include a copy of the dealer sales brochure for your 1934 Avions Voisin C 25.

You don’t get to pick which 50 cars are included, either, and the list is somewhat eclectic. Sure, there are the expected suspects, like the 1910 Ford Model T, the 1954 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, the 1959 Citroen 2 CV and the 2006 Bugatti Veyron, but there are glaring omissions, too.

The only Corvette, for example, is the 1958, not the more iconic 1963 split-window. An AC Cobra makes the cut, but it’s a 1963 289 MK II and not the 1965-67 427 Cobra that helped solidify the car’s legend. A Lamborghini Countach makes the cut, but the more more historically significant Lamborghini Miura is excluded.

Still, we suppose you have to start somewhere, and Pyrolia did a very good job of covering as broad a range as possible. It sounds like future updates, including additional cars and materials, are planned, so the app won’t remain unused once you’ve absorbed all its current information.

For now, Road, Inc. is available for the Apple iPad only, and we doubt that the app’s stunning imagery would look as nice on the iPhone. If you love cars of all shapes, sizes and vintages, it looks like Road, Inc. is a worthy investment.