How many times has this happened to you? One minute you’re walking down the street, sipping your half-caf-lowfat-mocha-with-whipped-cream and minding your own business.

The next, you’re backed up into a pillar by a stunning Italian fashion model, who appears to be questioning your lineage, your morality and your ability to employ peanut oil and ski wax in the most creative ways possible.

Before you know it, you’re pressed up against the glass of a new Fiat 500 Abarth, leaving nose-prints and drool, simultaneously.

It doesn’t make sense to us either, since we avoided eating from that particular bowl of popcorn in college, but that doesn’t make the video any less enjoyable. We doubt you’ll see this on television in America, since it’s far too... provocative for our puritanical sensibilities, so we’re offering it up on Motor Authority as a public service. We're not only gear heads, we're cultural ambassadors, too.


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