The Jaguar XK is growing a bit long in the tooth, but as automakers often do, and as enthusiasts know and love, Jaguar is throwing every trick in the book at the XK to keep it fresh and interesting as its current model cycle winds down. Case in point: the 2012 XKR-S Convertible.

Like its hardtop sibling, the XKR-S Convertible is a more potent, more focused, and more dramatically styled take on the basic XK form. In this case, it's a 4.2-second-to-60, 550-horsepower, 502-pound-feet-of-torque, beautiful drop-top beast. The XKR-S Convertible is also the fastest and most powerful convertible Jaguar has built to date.

For all of the details, including the changes that make the XKR-S just a bit more mental than anything else in the Jaguar range, check out our preview of the convertible here.