“Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce, special orders don’t upset us,” was Burger King’s mantra back in the early days, when the fast food chain was looking to establish itself as a legitimate challenger to McDonalds.

That may work (to some degree) with fast food, but try to order up a car like that and your efforts will likely end in disappointment. Unless it’s on an order form or build sheet, the reply from most dealers on customization requests is, “sorry, can’t help you.”

Not so at MINI, which has recently kicked off a program called MINI Yours. The premise behind it is simple: why not let customers buying a new MINI choose from a wide range of colors, exterior “tattoos,” interior trims and upholstery options that aren’t available in off-the-lot cars?

Special edition cars, such as the “MINI Inspired By Goodwood” or the “Clubman Hampton,” also fall under the MINI Yours program, which celebrates its launch with a special “Avenue Package” creation.

The MINI Avenue comes in Highclass Grey or Laguna Green metallic paints, and sports a “Soda” design theme on interior trim, upholstery, mirror caps and hood stripes. Unique 17-inch alloy wheels complete the car’s distinctive look.

According to MINI’s U.K. director, Jochen Goller, the Avenue is meant to convey a “sophisticated, classy character,” while future MINI Yours packages will also include more performance-oriented and masculine themes.

There’s bad news for owners of existing cars, though: the MINI Yours treatment isn’t available to current owners on existing MINI vehicles. The brand would be happy, however, to sell you a new MINI styled to your exact tastes.