We’ve seen a number of striking concept cars from Mercedes-Benz in the recent past, including the Concept A-Class featured in this video, as well as the more recent F125! and stunning F800 Style.

Now we get an inside look at the making of a Mercedes-Benz concept, with the automaker releasing a new video showcasing the lengths that it goes to bringing its future-looking concepts to life.

Watch as the Concept A-Class goes through all the stages between idea and actual concept car. Watch as Mercedes-Benz designers Mark Fetherston and Jan Kaulgive give you a behind the scenes look at how a concept car made it from their imaginations into the real world.

Note, this isn’t the first time that we’ve had a behind the scenes look at the making of a concept car. Click here for a video featuring Scion racing driver Ken Gushi and the building of the Scion FR-S Concept, and here to see Volvo's Concept Universe coming to life.