When it came to launching a track-focused version of the Zonda supercar, Pagani went with the simple “R” appellation, which in the world of autos is almost universally recognized as signifying a model designed for racing. With the latest Huayra supercar, the Zonda’s successor, Pagani may end up giving the car a slightly more complicated name: “Nürburgring Edition”.

The information was first posted to the Teamspeed forum (via World Car Fans) by a user that had recently met Pagani’s official test driver Davide Testi. The poster also revealed that the car would be limited to between 10 and 25 units, and that total Huayra production would only be about 220 cars, split evenly between the gullwing coupe and yet-to-be-released roadster.

If the information proves accurate, it’s likely the Huayra Nürburgring Edition will be one of the fastest cars around the German race track it’s named after. However, even with more than the stock Huayra’s 700 horsepower, and less weight to carry, we don’t expect the car to match the sub-7 minute lap times of the McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder.


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