The 2011 Acura TL is an excellent car to drive. It boasts a powerful V-6 engine, it's available with one of the world's best all-wheel drive systems, and the SH-AWD manual transmission model is quite possibly the best sport sedan you can buy for the price.

Problem is, it suffers from one of the most bizarre styling jobs on the road today. Derided since its introduction, the bucktoothed grille has been likened to everything from a can opener to a bird beak. A recent J.D. Power study concluded that half of potential Acura buyers have been driven away because of the grille design, and it has even been called the ugliest grille design on the market.

Acura's listening, and will be introducing an updated -- and one presumes, toned down -- version of the grille on the 2012 Acura TL. No further information is available, other than Acura saying that the 2012 TL will be "newly refined." Keep your eyes open on February 9, when the debut is official.