BMW ConnectedDrive concept teaser

BMW ConnectedDrive concept teaser

In-car telematics is increasingly becoming the next big wave in the auto industry, with automakers planning to launch new connectivity and infotainment systems in their cars in the coming years, essentially turning the automobile into one giant smartphone in the process.

It’s still early days as most automakers are yet to reveal their future in-car technology, with many even taking a wait-and-see approach. However, one automaker that’s up to the challenge is BMW, which has released a teaser video for a new ConnectedDrive concept.

ConnectedDrive is the name BMW groups any technologies that allow it to connect a driver to its vehicles and to the world. So far we’ve seen five different ConnectedDrive services: BMW Assist, BMW Online, BMW Tracking, BMW TeleServices and in-vehicle internet access.

Who knows what BMW has in store for the future but the automaker is boasting that its new concept will “revolutionize” driving in terms of comfort, infotainment and safety.

Stay tuned for an update.