BMW ConnectedDrive

  • BMW's updated 2012 ConnectedDrive infotainment system

    BMW has revealed its list of improvements to its ConnectedDrive infotainment technology, set to debut in a variety of BMW and MINI models from this month. Already some of the most advanced in-car entertainment and information technology on the market, ConnectedDrive now features some entirely new functions, as well as updates to existing features. BMW Navigation Professional BMW makes much of it being the first automaker to fit built-in satellite navigation with the 1994 BMW 7-Series, so to remain at the cutting edge, several improvements have been made to the ConnectedDrive system. The...

  • BMW microNavigation
    BMW Explores The Next Step In Nav Systems: microNavigation

    BMW is working to develop future navigation systems that will even advise the user which traffic lane to pick, or how to find their car in a crowded parking garage.

  • 2011 BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept
    2011 Geneva Motor Show Preview: BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

    Just a few days ago we reported that BMW would be bringing a new roadster concept to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, and today, just a few weeks out from the show, the wraps have come off the stunning new concept car. Rather than preview a specific production model--though we could envisage this being...

  • 2011 BMW X6
    BMW X6 Gets Optional Fifth Seat

    One of the biggest drawbacks of the BMW X6--once you’ve learned to live with its awkward styling and steeply reclined roof--is its limited four-seater capacity. Remember, this is a vehicle that nearly matches some seven-seaters in size yet BMW chose to go with a 2+2 seating configuration...

  • BMW ConnectedDrive
    Video: BMW ConnectedDrive Previews 'Seamless Media Access'

    BMW's ConnectedDrive Future Lab is a car tech geek's Disney World. In this video, the team from the Future Lab previews possible future directions for BMW's ConnectedDrive infotainment and telematics system. As a leader in the Internet-connected car field, BMW has a brood of ideas growing in the...

  • BMW ConnectedDrive concept teaser
    Video: BMW Teases New ConnectedDrive Concept

    In-car telematics is increasingly becoming the next big wave in the auto industry, with automakers planning to launch new connectivity and infotainment systems in their cars in the coming years, essentially turning the automobile into one giant smartphone in the process. It’s still early days...

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