BMW Z4 M Sport Package

BMW Z4 M Sport Package

Turbos, as we've mentioned, are our friends. Soon, they'll be friends to base BMW Z4 owners, too, according to a recent tweet from Automobile Magazine.

How soon? Later this year, according to the unsourced tidbit. It's slated to replace the base naturally aspirated 3.0-liter inline six-cylinder engine, and Automobile infers that that will equate to at least 200 horsepower output for the four-banger.

While the tweet doesn't specifically mention a turbo, forced induction seems like the most likely way for BMW to reach the double-century mark, though the S14 engine in the E30 M3 did it with nothing but high-revving awesomeness. The S14 was also (and still is) a very expensive engine, however.

The addition of a turbo to the base Z4 could open the door for some aftermarket fun, as BMW's force-fed engines, like the N54 found in the Z4 sDrive35is, are generally able to unlock a fairly significant reserve of power with the right parts in the right hands.

We'll keep you posted on the four-pot Z4 turbo and its existence (or non-existence) as the facts develop.

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