Alpha and beta testing might sound strange to a car guy, but it's common lingo in the computer and software industry to denote pre-production stages of progress. The alpha stage is the first rough draft of the final product, and that's what Tesla is previewing today through its vice president of vehicle engineering, Peter Rawlinson.

These videos give us a walkthrough of what to expect from the car's powertrain, driving experience, and the company's progress toward its goals. Check them out, then let us know what you think in the comments below--is the Model S still a pipe dream (profitability at $57,400? Is that even possible?) or is it the next new thing, set to revolutionize affordable, attractive, and high-performance green driving? Or is it something else entirely?

For even more depth on the topic, be sure to check out AllCarsElectric's report on the Model S Alpha, too.


Tesla Vehicle Engineering - Part 3 from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.