Eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, apps in the car? That's the formula for Toyota's new Entune multimedia/app system, announced today at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

From iheartradio's 750 local radio stations to movie tickets, real-time traffic, and more, the Entune system delivers mobile connectivity to Toyota vehicles. The system also relies on a conversational voice recognition system to help reduce the distraction all this functionality produces.

Two of the best additions, in our eyes, are Bing for Mobile and Bing Maps. With Bing for Mobile, drivers can search and find answers from the road, while Bing Maps gives directions, locations, and more. Pairing the two allows for even more possibilities.

Entune can also read back text messages with its text-to-voice feature, and access your favorite Pandora radio stations, so it's sure to draw the eyes of those looking to other carmakers for the same functionality back to Toyota.

Toyota hasn't revealed which cars will get the new Entune system first, but they'll be available later this year, with the featured apps among the first wave. Later updates will include more apps and functionality, though we'll be interested to see how Entune keeps pace with Ford's SYNC.