GM's OnStar system

GM's OnStar system

Pay a fee, swap out your rear-view mirror, and you're ready to roll with GM's new OnStar Anywhere service, announced today from the CES show in Las Vegas. The full reveal, with details, will be coming later in the show, but stay tuned, because we'll have it all as soon as it's released.

What we can tell you so far is that the key services of OnStar Anywhere, enabled by an Onstar Blue Button rear-view mirror installed in the car, include crash response, turn-by-turn navigation,  stolen vehicle location, hands-free calling, emergency response, and Bluetooth connectivity. The convenience functions alone (navigation, Bluetooth, hands-free calling) may sway some buyers. The emergency services are an added perk.

This isn't the first time GM has tried to put OnStar in other vehicles. Honda, Acura, and Audi have at one time or another offered OnStar services, though each was at an OEM level. The new distributed retail model may work better, allowing drivers to make the decision at any time, rather than just at purchase when other options and total vehicle cost can act as a deterrent.

The system will be sold through Best Buy and other retailers starting this spring. Don't forget to check back with us soon for the full reveal.