Hot and bothered by the new 1-Series M Coupe? Then sink your teeth into the full ordering sheet, listing all the options and packages you can add to the car. Just beware: you'll end up with a bunch of stuff you probably don't want or need if you go after just two common add-ons: Bluetooth and navigation. That is, if you believe the current hype on the 'net.

Why, you ask? Because they're split across two all-or-nothing packages, without separate a la carte options. That means to get both Bluetooth and navigation, you'll have to add everything from rear park distance warning sensors to power/memory front seats to lumbar support, and even ambient lighting. That equates to weight, the enemy of the 1-Series M, as well as additional cost. Our inside source at BMW tells us that isn't the case, however.

In fact, our source at BMW says both Bluetooth and navigation can be had without opting for both full packages. For instance, you could add the Premium package (including Bluetooth) and add the navigation separately. The build sheet published online merely showed how a car could be configured with both full packages chosen. We'll have to wait until we see more in the way of evidence one way or the other, but it looks like BMW hasn't stepped away from its "have it your way" ordering with the 1-Series M.

Unfortunately, we can't tell you just how much extra any of that gear will cost you, as the order sheet has the prices blocked. We're sure it won't be cheap, however.

A few of the available a la carte options are attractive, however, including Xenon headlights, voice command, cupholders, and a "hi-fi sound system." The rest of the add-ons are more luxury and more weight than we'd care to have in what should be a fairly focused performance coupe.