Karolina Kurkova and the Mercedes-Benz CLS

Karolina Kurkova and the Mercedes-Benz CLS

Until now, Czech supermodel Karolina Kurkova has been famous mostly for (a) being a Victoria's Secret Angel and (b) having no belly button. Now, she can add one more notch to her 24" belt: Kurkova is the newest face of Mercedes-Benz.

Kurkova was recently chosen to front the new "Captivated" campaign for the Mercedes-Benz CLS. The campaign was shot by Craig McDean -- a noted fashion photographer, who (if Wikipedia is to be believed) originally studied to be a mechanic. Perfect. The spots will launch during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin in January 2011. 

On the upside, Kurkova is adorable and a pitch-perfect spokesmodel: "Since I recently got my driving license, I need to gain more experience driving. And I’m sure that would be great fun with the new CLS." (MB, if you're listening: that's a pretty big hint.)

On the downside, this probably means that Julia Stegner is ancient history. Time flies, y'all.

If you're looking for a Tuesday timewaster, here's a behind-the-scenes glimpse of Kurkova's photoshoot with the CLS. The voiceovers are in German, but we don't think it requires much translation.