The world of virtual design concepts often comes up with some wacky ideas, but we have to admit Idries Noah's execution of the 2010 T2 Concept is attractive--and better yet, it gives us an idea of what to expect from a completely different car: the rumored-to-be-reborn Honda/Acura NSX.

How is it that a computer-rendered imaginary car can presage a possibly production-intent design from a major manufacturer? Because they're both thinking along the same lines. Noah's T2 Concept sports a 469-horsepower V-6 hybrid drivetrain, which lines up perfectly with the rumored specs of the redesigned NSX.

Also like Noah's concept, the next-gen NSX is expected to be mid-engined, though that's about where we expect the similarities to end. The T2 Concept is an aggressively designed, thoroughly impractical for production show piece. The NSX, on the other hand, is rumored to be based on a heavily re-worked Accord platform, and is likely to weigh considerably more than the design intent of the T2.

Idries Noah's T2 Concept

Idries Noah's T2 Concept

That said, it gives us hope that Honda can package something relatively similar, preserving a lineage to the previous NSX while delivering tons of available torque at the low-end thanks to the electric assistance and plenty of high-end horsepower from a screaming V-6 engine. Now if only they can manage the weight of it all, it will be a successor worthy of the NSX name.

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