The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and with it we can expect a new year's crop of odd, interesting, and occasionally exciting new car ads. One to look forward to is BMW's, as it's the first they've offered in a decade.

BMW's sales have been kicking along at banner rates for the most part, thanks in part to a heavily-refreshed lineup. Keeping that momentum rolling will require reaching broader audiences, and the Super Bowl is one of the largest possible.

The ad itself is as yet unknown--how often it will show, when, or what length it will run--but we can expect good things. BMW has in the past experimented (mostly succesfully) with short film, though most of its commercials are understated, simple affairs. Billboard ad wars, on the other hand, have been known to get out of control, so we are ready for anything--especially after the creep-fest that was the MINI Untamed series of promos for the BMW Group's MINI-branded small coupe and roadster concepts.

Keep an eye out for more Super Bowl ad coverage as we filter out the best and most interesting for your enjoyment.