Last year GM was planning to introduce the Holden Commodore Ute--a two-door version of the regular four-door sedan but with the rear chopped off and replaced with a tray--to the U.S. market as a Pontiac GT Sport Truck but for several reasons, namely money problems and CAFE, the plans were scrapped. The Commodore Ute, however, has lived on in its home market of Australia where one fan has decided to graft the front-end of the Camaro muscle car onto the utility vehicle's body.

The result is this odd-looking beast that’s doing the rounds as the ‘El Camarino’, the name harking back to the original El Camino model from Chevrolet.

Considering the latest Chevrolet Camaro rides on the same platform as the Holden Commodore, the transformation process shouldn’t be a major ordeal, although we suspect this wasn’t just a bolt-on job and that some customization would have been required.

The vehicle’s creator has now developed it is a kit and before you say that it’s something only to be seen in Australia, this particular example was spotted in Nashville.

[Performance Street Car via Autoblog]