BMW, unlike some manufacturers, doesn't go around appending performance badges willy-nilly. When a car wears an M badge, you can expect it to deliver on track or off. For those that don't want quite that much go-fast, BMW offers a range of M Sport packages as well, and new bits of kit for both the M Performance range and the M Sport package will be shown at Paris.

First up, the M Performance upgrades. BMW hasn't given us much info to work with on these, saying only that new options will be offered to "highlight the racing-inspired dynamics of the BMW M3 even more sharply." What might those be? The suspension is already tautly tuned, the dual-clutch and six-speed gearboxes are precise and able. We can only speculate that BMW may be planning a bit more power and a bit less interior comfort, mixing in some of the performance tricks learned with the M3 GTS. We'll have to wait for the show to find out for sure.

The M Sports package range will also be expanded, with the new 5-Series sedan (and Touring wagon for you lucky Euros) and the X3 both added to the list. No details on the M Sport packages have been released yet, but as usual you can expect a range of suspension, wheel, and appearance upgrades to be part of the mix.

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