The audio sounds like the background to a James Garner TV montage, but the visuals are pure cutting-edge Mazda design. Wrapping the Kodo design theme around a compact three-door hatchback model, the video gives us an idea of what the next Mazda2 or Mazda3 could look like.

While we're big fans of the driving, features, and overall value of the current Mazda2 and Mazda3, those smiley faces can get a bit tiresome. Particularly on the fish-gilled grin of the 2010 Mazdaspeed3. Fortunately, that particular design feature is much improved with a more angular, aggressive and decidedly less cheery look with the Kodo theme.

For more on the Kodo theme, be sure to check out Mazda's Shinari Concept if you missed it the first time around. The new car is the design study for the coming generation of Mazda's vehicles, much like the Nagare has been until the Shinari's arrival.

[Mazda via YouTube]