After months of internet videos, photos, stat sheets, and lots of confident bragging from McLaren, the public is about to get its first real-world glimpse of the McLaren MP4-12C at this weekend's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Kicking off tomorrow, July 1, the FoS will host some of the most incredible cars in racing and production history in addition to the new McLaren. Both of McLaren's F1 drivers, Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton, will be on hand to demo the car on the Goodwood Hill circuit, taking turns successively on Saturday and Sunday.

This isn't the first visit of the MP4-12C to Goodwood, strictly speaking. The "XP Beta" version of the car was tested there in March. The car that'll be making the rounds this time isn't a beta, however, but a "VP9 Validation Prototype," meaning it's a near-final version of the car that will enter production next year.

Retail sales of the MP4-12C are scheduled to start next spring.